29th Braj Mandal Parikram, Yamuna Project and Departure meditation at Yamuna

24th October:

This morning Srila Paramadvaiti Swami went to give his obeisances to the samadhi of Srila Narottama Das Thakur, at Radha Gokulananda Mandir – see the video -, for his disappearance day.

In the afternoon, Srila Guru Maharaj had another Yamuna Projetc meeting and visited a few sewage channels. After that Srila Gurudev met the devotees at Kesi Ghat to take them to the other side of the Yamuna and have a departure meditation for those who left the planet.

For the meditation, Srila Gurudeva spoke the glories of two special devotees that left this year, Srila Govinda Caitanya Sundar Maharaja and Srila Mukunda Das Babaji Maharaja. Srila Guru Maharaja asked the devotees to also speak, and then, alone with Ranchor Das prabhu and Abhay Das prabhu, Srila Guru Maharaja spread the ashes of both devotees into the Yamuna.

About Srila Govinda Caitanya Sundar Maharaja, Srila Guru Maharaja said:

In the spiritual life, he was a very dedicated person, an amazing sportists, overall considering the fact that he didn’t have legs and always wins marathons, he was espectacular. His position as devotee was very excelent. Caitanya Sundar was, in Dominican Republic, one of the most dear devotees, in New York as well, and above all he was very dedicated in everything he did. He is already with Krsna. Krsna took him, because it looks that He needed a sportive in Goloka.

Mukunda Das Babaji Maharaja he has always been a very deared member of the family for all devotees, not only as a spiritual brother but as a true friend, he was always cheerful and enthusiastic in the many services he was dedicated to. He did so many things in so many parts, and now he was in the temple of Lord Jagannath in Lima, where he took the service to Lord Jagannath as his life project. He was great fond of Lord Jagannath he even went to the Ratha Yatra last year. I’ve never sent anyone to Ratha Yatra in Puri, but the way he asked me, I could not say no. We say good bye to him with many prayers and that Krsna receive him as his eternal pujari.

All devotees did beautiful circle dance and, to finish the cerimony, they left a Ohm symbol with candles at the sand.

On the way back to Vrinda Kunj, Srila Guru Maharaja stoped at Sri Gopinath Gaudiya Math for short visit and darshan.