After Guru Maharaja’s stop in Bogotá he spend a couple of days working with the Miami Mandir team, getting up to date with devotees from around the world via phone and email, and charging up his energy for his upcoming Europe tour. Unfortunately he had to bid farewell to his beloved spiritual son, Mukunda Das, giving him sannayasa and the name Mukunda Das Babaji Maharaja. It was a heart felt loss for him and all the devotees of the Vrinda Mission. Guru Maharaja’s message should remind us that we should take our spiritual life very seriously, for we don’t know when we might leave the body.

On a side note, as Guru Maharaja and the devotees were waiting in the airport, the Travel Channel filmed them as Guru Maharaja was singing the names of Lord Hari and playing the charango. We were told that the video segment will air sometime in August in the show called Airport 24/7.

All glories to our spiritual brother who is now watching over us and inspiring us to better serve each day.

All glories to Lord Jaganath!