Guru Maharaja’s visit to Guatemala and interview with local TV channel

After his successful visit to Mexico, Guru Maharaja made a brief stop in Guatemala from the 5th of September until the 8th. His visit, although short, was filled a varied array of activities and brought a lot of life to the “Centro Cultural Vrinda” of Guatemala.

For starters, he received the visit of  a Mayan priest who personally came to meet with Guru Maharaja in his office.

Guru Maharaja offered several conferences about Vedic Philosophy, Oida Therapy, and even Oida Art in a local university. On September 6th he lead a conference in Bellas Artes University on the importance of creating conscious art, art with a message.


Guru Maharaja was also interviewed by a local TV Station, Vea Canal. You can view this video directly following this link (Audio is in Spanish).

To culminate Guru Maharaj’s visit, the Centro Cultural Vrinda of Guatemala organized a cultural day filled with conscious music, art, and live performances