On Friday, April 11th, he arrived at the airport and was welcomed by many devotees from Berlin, Sweden, Switzerland and South America. Unbelievable that he is here but real.

Srila Gurudeva arrived in the temple Vrinda Kunja which in the last month changed a lot. On August 10th 2013 the Berlin Deities moved there and since then there was a lot of constructions, changes and renovations done. Sweat, tears but most of all love was included in all the works and activities.

Also, the Sankirtan mood was increased since the moving so that many devotees go out with sweets, books and flyers every single day. Of course, this was one of Srila Guru Maharaj’s first questions when he arrived in Berlin-Reinickendorf which is in North Berlin.

The day passed by and in the evening all the devotees were waiting for the Welcome-Class. What an excitement. The Bhajan was at its peak when Srila Gurudeva stepped in the Temple room.

Jay! Guru Maharaj is really in Berlin, at Gaura-Gandharvika-Sundaram Mandir.
Some impressions from the class:

Responsibility means doing things which neither harm you nor others.”

“Responsibility and Education means taking the tasks upon oneself and with solving them to inspire others.”

“Devotion has to become You or it is not there. You can´t copy or impose devotion.”

“The fruit of responsibility is love. You cannot get love if there is no freedom. You cannot get freedom if there is no responsibility.”

“You are a dependant and you have dependence.”



Paramadvaiti Maharaj Berlin 2014


In the evening Srila Guru Maharaj went to the house of Antartwip and Gangamata.

We are looking forward to tomorrow when there will be a seminar-and-workshop-day organized by the Devotees in the temple.