Srila Harijan Maharaj – an excellent representative of his Guru

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From the chat with Srila B.A. Paramadvaiti Swami on January 14th, 2006

We are very happy here today in Varsana, celebrating with everyone the day of Harijan Maharaja’s departure to the spiritual world. Many devotees from different parts of the world are still coming; different yatras united today, infected by the mercy. It is a wonderful day! Each and everyone come with reports from their respective temple, here solving and orienting how to serve Srila Prabhupada better in the true service which is the harinama sankirtana, this true message of love, one more time, with many disciples of Harijan Maharaj.

The Light of Devotion
Srila Prabhupada had in Harijan Maharaj a representative of his full trust. Harijan Maharaj was a very special person, very special for Srila Prabhupada. He was his representative in Colombia, the light of devotion from Colombia was Harijan Maharaj, or rather is Harijan Maharaj. The light of the devotion that was alive in him, is not anything passive. It is something that is transmitted so nicely and so intensively that for everyone who sees it, their life is transformed. Harijan Maharaj was like this.

Harijan Maharaj and Gurudeva Atulananda are people who please Srila Prabhupada to 100%. Their life belongs to Srila Prabhupada, and when Harijan Maharaj and I were connecting to Srila Bhakti Raksaka Sridhar Maharaj, then this was without any doubt a moment of much reflection about what Srila Prabhupada wants from our part. Prabhupada was and is in Colombia, thanks to Harijan Maharaj, because Prabhupada was not personally here, but his love was completely present in Harijan Maharaj.

An Exemplary Example
I had the fortune to accompany this servant of Srila Prabhupada. I don’t know why Krishna gave me this gift. I remember from many travels that we did on the roads of Colombia, his transparency, his exemplary way to come to every leader and inspire with the message of true love. Every one of us, in every temple, should be loving and not treat badly those who awaken this merciful love. The message of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu begs all temple presidents to have his way to teach with love, without making the least harm to anyone. Always looking for the service to help people, this is the true teaching, the teachings of a great devotee of the Lord, as Harijan Maharaj.

The Presence of the Guru
Even if we feel sad today, the departure day of Harijan Maharaj, remembering how Krishna took him away, it should be a feast of joy. A devotee goes back to the spiritual world, imagine! This is something so difficult, and he goes there, and from there he continues to bless us. Harijan Maharaj knows that we are united here. He has not gone away from us, because through the spiritual invocation one can bring his spiritual friend. Therefore, if you have an inconvenience, invoke your spiritual master, and he, through paramatma, is always with you and decides what is better for your life. Of course, this is in case you are not so often connected with your spiritual master. In reality the spiritual master is with the disciple when the disciple wants to be with him; he only has to ask him “What do you want me to do?”

It is already quite some time since Srila Prabhupada passed away, and I can bring his presence; not only by having his murti. I communicate with Prabhupada through the heart and if in my despair or sadness by some reason I invoke the presence of my Gurudeva, I feel this great power of affection within me that says: “Everything that Krishna does is perfect. Expect no more, soon it will be revealed what is His purpose, inclusive in very difficult moments.”

Then the spiritual master speaks not only twice per year with the disciple. The truth is that I had quite a few opportunities to be near Srila Prabhupada, but I didn’t dare to talk much with him, because I felt that I made him lose time. Of course, Srila Prabhupada did not feel this, he always asked advices from his disciples about how to do the things.

True Representatives for the Sincere Love
Well this is the temple of Srila Prabhupada, and it was constructed by Harijan Maharaj. Therefore I ask all of you today that your hearts always guide you for the good of the true feeling of service to Srila Prabhupada. We should be true representatives for the sincere love. The temple leader should always act nicely with true tidiness and plenty of love for each soul that comes to the temple, orienting with maturity and wisdom the dignity and the good conduct of an excellent devotee, the pure devotion for Krishna, be a rasika in his heart, completely emotional with Krishna.

I like very much to talk about these topics, I never get tired. Therefore we should all of us act in such a way that we don’t harm anyone, always loving and kind with everyone.

Preachers of the Divine Love
Today here is much to do; project to start, big and small problems to solve, but this is not an inconvenience, always under the guidance and orientation of Srila Prabhupada everything will be nice and wonderful. We will have initiations and also brahminic initiations, new compromises for Srila Prabhupada, and sannyas ceremony of Govinda Hari from Bucaramanga. For Janmastami we will also have a new sannyasi, Prabhu Brahma Sutra from Medellín, and after one year prabhu Lila Avaar from Cucutá. It is really wonderful to count on these great preachers of the Divine Love.

Continuing with the program of the Colombian Yatra; tomorrow is the national brahminic parlament reunion in Vrindavanita. Next Tuesday we will be in Varsana with the reunion of office and projects of design and make our plans of preaching improve daily. On Wednesday is the last day of the reunion of our editorial service in the seva to expand more all the preaching and literature.

From my heart, a hug to all of you. It is always nice to know and to find myself every day with you. I am always very grateful to everyone to be worthy representatives. A big hug to Gurudeva Atulananda. I hope we will meet very soon again to share much spiritual nectar.

Srila Harijan Maharaj, ki jay!
Srila Prabhupada, ki jay!
Goura Pramanandi! Hari bol!

With affection

Swami B.A. Paramadvaiti


Translation: Manah Siksa Devi Dasi