Srila Paramadvaiti Swami’s English lecture “Gaudiya Vedanta (Achintya Bheda-Abheda)”

The philosophical basis of Krishna Consciousness

Audio lecture HERE.

guru maharaj paramadvaiti swami

“The impersonalists exclude the personal interpretation, or explanation, or revelation [of Vedanta] and focuses on a few Upanisadic slokas which lend to believe that all is one, or lend to believe that unity and liberation is the highest. But because they ignore other sections, they can not substantialize their way of thinking. Whereas the Gaudiya Vedantist does not exclude anything. [—] Impersonalists can not deal with the descriptions of Goloka Vrindavan. They can not deal with it. They don’t know what to say.”

And at the end of the lecture:

“Gaudiya Vedanta is a heart issue. [—] …those who understand the loving message of the Vedanta, that love reigns supreme, love is all in all, and that love governs even Krishna — even God Himself is a slave of love.”