Dear devotees,
Greetings from the Mela in Berlin. It gives me great joy to address you again.
Today I want to talk about some decisions we must take in life.
Personally, I didn’t get married because I always thought that I couldn’t serve a single person, but I would like to serve everyone I could.
When I took sannyas I did not notice everything that was going to be involved in my decision, but I felt a very strong desire to serve and that’s what I’m trying to do.
To be renouced is something very serious and involves a great sacrifice.
I confess tha inside me many times I get sad to see that is very difficult to make a completly happy home in Kali Yuga. I constantly receive letters or messages about the dificulties of my sons and daughters are having in their marriage.
I am very sorry that I can’t always trust  a man the hand of one of my spiritual daughters and ensure them that they will have a good life. It makes me want to run out of this world.
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