8000 Drums for Peace in Jagannatha Mandir – Lima, Peru

In Lima, Peru, as in many parts of the world, was held the event 8000 Peace Drums , organized by the devotees of Jagannath Mandir Lima, led by Bv. Tapasvi Maharaj and Vilas Prabhu Mukunda Das, with the special collaboration of Rupanuga Das prabhu who started the fire ceremony uniting with ancestral traditions of the Peruvian Andean culture, in the direction of the chanting was Sudarsan Das Prabhu and  Ajita Devi with conscious circus presentation. We appreciate the help and assistance of all devotees, friends and artists who came to make this day a tribute of respect to Mother Earth, in favor of a change in human consciousness … Breaking Borders, Bridging Cultures, One cause!

Here is a cute video aware of this commemorative date, performed by the devotees of the temple Jagannatha Mandir: Krishna and Prabhupada smaranam Shakti Das Das.

To click on the link below : 8000 Tambores por la Paz- Lima Peru