Chaski Tour of Audharya Das Prabhu, with the album “Hare Krsna é Alegria”

Audharya Das Prabhu will start a Chaski Tour, requested by Srila Guru Maharaj, on next Saturday, 21st September, and it will take place at Guaruja Mandir, Brazil Yatra, with the official release of his last album “Hare Krishna é Alegria” (Hara Krishna is Joy).


cartaz pizzarau vrinda guaruja

The event, named Pizzarau (pizza soiree), will be a soiree served with pizza and will count with the presence of many devotees and friends doing artistic presentations.


Música Consciente no Guarujá, foto 3 audharya das prabhu srila guru maharaj

Audharya Das Prabhu and Srila Guru Maharaj at the Rasa Yatra Festival, 2013, at Guarujá Mandir


After the concert in Guaruja Mandir, Audharya Prabhu will perform at Sao Paulo Mandir, on the 22nd September; Rio de Janeiro, on the 29th Semtember – in where he has been preaching for the past year; and from Brazil, he goes to Lima, Peru; Quito, Equator; Calli, Medellin and Bogotá, Colombia Yatra.

Arte do CD HARE KRSNA É ALEGRIA Audharya das prabhu

Listen to the complete album at the website Cart Records by clicking on the link bellow:

Be sure to get your copy supporting the preaching in Rio de Janeiro, the Chaski Tours and take the chance to distribuite this beautiful material of sankirtan at your city.

To know more about the album “Hare Krishna é Alegria”, see the previews news:

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