Ecologic and Loving Volunteer Opportunity

By Damodhar Prakash Devi Dasi


Eco Truly Park, Vrinda, 2015

Eco Truly Park – A Home for Everyone

This beautiful touristic and eco-friendly place, a main project by Srila Paramadvaiti Swami, is visited by hundreds of local and foreign tourists all year round.

Eco Truly Park offers a volunteer program for everyone who wants to learn to live a healthy lifestyle, become a nature conscious and animal conscious person, and live in harmony among living beings with love and respect.

I invite you to enjoy this wonderful experience through photographs until you can personally visit this beautiful place and be part of a group of over 500 volunteers who arrive annually to share and learn with the Eco Truly team.


Eco Truly Park, Vrinda, 2015

Temple altar where daily spiritual practices are carried out

This place also functions as a Yoga Monastery for eastern philosophy and daily spiritual practice.


SANKET, Eco Truly Park ,Vrinda, 2015

Sanket Castle – volunteer housing


Johana y Roland aprendieron a preparar galletas y empanadas sin huevo en el Snack

Johana and Roland learned how to prepare eggless cookies and empanadas at the Snack Shop

Part of the volunteer experience is learning vegetarian and vegan recipes and put them into practice when volunteers get home. Many volunteers become inspired to take on a vegetarian diet.


Los voluntarios también participan en la cocina, siempre animados de aprender y ayudar

Our volunteers are always enthusiastic to help in the kitchen


Voluntario Paul en construcción de bambu

Volunteer, Paul, building a bamboo structure

This volunteer is a builder named Paul, and he built the terrace for Spoon Revolution practically on his own (Spoon Revolution: an organization for the rights of animals, all living beings, and Mother Earth, fighting for an environmentally conscious lifestyle and against all forms of violence). Thanks so much Friend, your heart is already a part of Eco Truly Park.


Aqui ayudando en la cosecha de Kiwicha orgánica, asesorados por Don Guillermo

Helping harvest organic Kiwicha, guided by Mr, Guillermo

Volunteers receive theoretical classes about agro-consciousness before putting their knowledge into practice on the farm. It’s very important that they know about caring for earth naturally. They participate in planting and harvesting on the farm under the advising of Mr. Guillermo, agriculture expert who has worked at Eco Truly Park for years.


Taller de Arte Consciente

Conscious Art Workshop

If you like art or want to learn more, you can do so at the Harmony School for Conscious Art, a part of the volunteer program.


Distribuyendo alimentos por los pueblos cercanos de la finca con las voluntarias

Distributing meals to nearby towns around the farm with volunteers

Eco Truly Park distributes meals on a monthly basis to the downs in the Aucallama district. The volunteers help with food preparation. They also visit hospitals, school, and different institutions to interact with the community and share loving consciousness with others through discussions and presentations.


Felices con el Certificado de Participación

Participation Certificate

We give you your participation certificate before you leave, it certifies that you were a part of the Eco Truly Park Volunteer group.


Every year Eco Truly Park receives visits from numerous TV channels, both national and foreign. This time it was CNN to report about the farm, they recommend and called it one of the most beauitful destinations in Lima, and Peru.



Vista aerea del Eco Truly Park

Aerial view of Eco Truly Park

This is just one part of all beauty that Eco Truly Park has to offer, thanks to the effort and dedication of the our team,who does everything possible to make everyone feel at home here.

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