Today we want to share a new article which was published in Suena Verdadero blogspot  This time, the Editor addresses the topic of the progress which is a necessity in itself, a progress that takes place within us. A true progress which challenges us every day to make changes that allow us to move forward.The editor says (in Spanish) :

Progress can only exist. Without progress there is no real movement, real development. We might even get to say that without progress there is no life.
Progress is the law of life itself. Progress is what guarantees the presence of something alive and conscious, the existence of something that can do, feel, desire, love: to live. 
And progress is above all a constant state of inner transformation. This has been revealed by the wise. This has been described by progressive and advance souls, those addicted to real progress. 
Progress can never be an external thing, something which can only be reached out from the outside. Never. 
The progress unique and desirable for all is a substance that exists well above the multiple gross and subtle layers of this relative plane. To enter in the land of the real progress, of the unstoppable growth, means being willing to plunge into an endless change. 
I can even say that I’m abandoning the path of deception and hypocrisy, when I start to feel myself inspired by listening to those people who by their words do nothing but mobilize me, break my structures, and inviting me to a real progress through new challenges at every turn.You can read more of this article, and also many other ones, here : (in Spanish)

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