13 September, 2016

Eco Yoga Villages: Mayapurita

We are a community formed by people from diverse ages and nationalities with a common goal: leading a holistic lifestyle, respecting the environment, harmonizing with nature and creating a relaxing […]
27 April, 2016
Eco Truly Park videos Vrinda News 02

Vrinda News first video series: Eco Yoga Villages

Vrinda News launches its first video series, and the chosen theme is the Eco Yoga Villages of the Vrinda Family. The videos are beautifully edited by Adi Purusam Das, one […]
23 January, 2016
Kiwa 2015 Declaration of the United Nations of the Spirit

Declaration of the United Nations of Spirit

Constitution of the United Nations of Spirit Earth’s Heart Temple Kiva. Varsana – Granada Colombia – Raíces de la Tierra 2015 ​ Renewal of the Ancestral Word Principles of Life: […]
4 October, 2015
bhaktipedia 02

Bhaktipedia – Vaishnava Library

Bhaktipedia is a collection of Bhakti literature. Bhaktipedia is basically a collection of authentic texts which can be important for those who are deeply committed to the study of Bhakti […]
3 October, 2015
ECOYOGAVILLAGE-final.jpg copy

Eco Yoga Villages

The Eco Yoga Village is non-profit organization seeking to help Mother Nature around the world. In the Eco Yoga Villages you come across big communities of happy people working together […]
3 October, 2015

Krishna for Children

Damodar.de responds as group of children living in different parts of the world who believes that God is the goal of life. Love of God and loving everyone is all […]
28 September, 2015

“The goal of Life is Love” by Paramadvaiti Swami

Samadhi is the full absorption in the loving service to the Supreme Lord of your heart. Love is also called Samadhi, the highest stage of Yoga practice. Yoga is the […]
28 September, 2015
Sri Gour Nitay Bogota Colombia 12-9-25

Special Darshan: Sri Sri Gour Nitay

25 September, 2015 Sri Gour Nitay Mandir, Bogota, Colombia. Sri Sri Gour Nitay’s mystical appearance in space!  
24 September, 2015
Goura Nitay Floripa Radhastami 2015

Sri Sri Gour Nitay, Sri Radhastami

21 Sep, 2015 Sri Sri Gour Nitay in Radhastami! Florianopolis Mandir, Brazil  
23 September, 2015
62 Vrinda Philippines Mura Hari Das

Mura Hari Das, Krishna Art in the Philippines

Mura Hari Das is one of the few disciples of Srila Paramadvaiti Swami who lives and preaches in the Philippines. He studied fine arts, major in painting at the University of Sto. […]
16 September, 2015
Ananda Reggae Poco a Poco

New Ananda Reggae Album “Poco a Poco”!

Listen to the new released album of the Colombian reggae band Ananda Reggae called Poco a Poco (Little by little).   Follow on Facebook: Ananda Reggae
2 September, 2015
Paramadvaiti Swami

The Perfection of Yoga by Paramadvaiti Swami

Srila Paramadvaiti Swami talks about the perfection of yoga. What is the perfection of yoga? Is to remove all illusions of our lives and establish us in a healthy wholesome […]