13 September, 2016

Eco Yoga Villages: Mayapurita

We are a community formed by people from diverse ages and nationalities with a common goal: leading a holistic lifestyle, respecting the environment, harmonizing with nature and creating a relaxing […]
23 January, 2016
Kiwa 2015 Declaration of the United Nations of the Spirit

Declaration of the United Nations of Spirit

Constitution of the United Nations of Spirit Earth’s Heart Temple Kiva. Varsana – Granada Colombia – Raíces de la Tierra 2015 ​ Renewal of the Ancestral Word Principles of Life: […]
28 September, 2015
Sri Gour Nitay Bogota Colombia 12-9-25

Special Darshan: Sri Sri Gour Nitay

25 September, 2015 Sri Gour Nitay Mandir, Bogota, Colombia. Sri Sri Gour Nitay’s mystical appearance in space!  
16 September, 2015
Ananda Reggae Poco a Poco

New Ananda Reggae Album “Poco a Poco”!

Listen to the new released album of the Colombian reggae band Ananda Reggae called Poco a Poco (Little by little).   Follow on Facebook: Ananda Reggae
23 July, 2015
Gour Nitai Bogota Colombia 2015-07-22

Sri Sri Gour Nitay, Bogota, Colombia

22nd July, 2015 Beautiful darshan of Sri Sri Gour Nitay, the first Vrinda deities installed in Colombia.  
22 September, 2014

Festival at Premma Dham Mandir, Medellin, Colombia, Yatra

A beautiful festival is celebrated every Wednesday at Premma Dham Mandir, with Darshan of their Lordships Sri Sri Goura Nitay, Sri Jagannath Balarama, and Subhadra, and Sri Govardhan. The festival […]
5 August, 2014
Everyone making a personal offering to Lord Ganesh

Goura Nitai and the Hindu Indian Community Celebrate Sri Ganesh, Colombia Yatra

On Saturday September 30th, Gournitay Madir was invited to the Sri Ganesh Caturthi celebration by Vinod Goyal Prabhu from Bogota Hindu Community. The celebration consisted of Bhajan, Prasadam, a theater […]
5 August, 2014

Advances in the Varsana Yoga Planetarium’s constructions

The construction advances of the beautiful Yoga Planetarium, styled like the famous Trulys, continue in the heart of Varsana Eco Yoga Farm, situated in the Andes Mountains one hour from […]
5 August, 2014
Srila Guru Maharaj and the devotees with the Indian Ambassador and his staff

Srila Pramadvaiti Maharaj with the Indian Ambassador in Varsana, Colombia Yatra

On the day of Janmastami, Varsana recieved a very special visitor, the Indian ambassador and his staff. They were given a tour of Varsana by Srila Guru Maharaj. The places […]
5 August, 2014
Oferecendo suas sábias palavras neste dia tão especial de Sri Janmashtami.

Sri Krishna Janmastami in Varsana, Colombia

On August 16th, the Sri Krishna Janmastami Festival was held at Varsana Eco Yoga Village in the company of our beloved Srila Guru Maharaj. From Mangal Arati until evening, all […]
5 August, 2014

Srila B.A. Paramadvaiti Swami at the Colombian Congress

During his stay in Colombia, Srila Bhakti Aloka Paramadvaiti Swami Maharaj was invited to the Colombian Congress as a spiritual leader, to share a message of peace and anti-violence .
5 August, 2014
Srila Guru Maharaj esparciendo su miseridordia

Ratha Yatra with Srila Guru Maharaj in Bogota, Colombia Yatra

On August 15th mercy was spread throughout the streets of Bogota. A beautiful Ratha Yatra festival was organized in the company of our beloved Guru Maharaj and his devotees. He […]