17 July, 2015
Beautiful sunset at the Yamuna and its banks covered on trash

Help Sri Vrindavan Dham to become a Cultural Heritage

Sri Vrindavan Dham is calling for your help! And this time are the devotees of the Food For Life project who have started a petition to India’s Prime Minister Mr. […]
28 November, 2014

Srila Gurudeva Paramadvaiti visits the Akshaya Patra center in Vrindavan

On the last days of Kartik Srila Guru Maharaja, along with Srila Gurudeva Atulananda, took the devotees to the Akshaya Patra Center in Vrindavan. The Akshaya Patra Foundation is an […]
14 November, 2014

VIDEO: Damodar Puja by Srila Paramadvaiti Maharaja

Everyday during the month of Kartik all the devotees all over the world offer a ghee lamp to Sri Krishna Damodhr remembering His most beautiful pastimes realized on this time […]
14 November, 2014
Vrindavan Parikram 2014

VIDEO: Vrindavan Parikram on Ekadasi day – 30th Braj Mandal Parikram

Every Ekadasi day the devotees of Vraj do parikram around Vrindavan Dham. Srila Gurudeva Paramadvaiti ablog with Srila Gurudeva Atulananda also took the devotees to this sacred walk arround the Dham. All the […]
6 November, 2014

Srila Paramadvaiti Maharaja performing Yamuna Artik, Vrindavan

Every morning during kartik time in Vrindavan Srila Guru Maharaja head his morning walk towards the Yamuna with the group of devotees. There Srila Gurudeva performs an Artik to Sri […]
5 November, 2014
Paramadvaiti Durvasa Muni

VIDEO: Srila Paramadvaiti Maharaja at Durvasa Muni Temple – 30th Braj Mandal Parikram

During the visit at Durvasa Muni’s temple Srila Guru Maharaja improvised a bhajan telling its story, followed by the Jagannath Vallenato, musical group from Colombia.
5 November, 2014

Srila Atulananda Acharya words on Gudicha Dasi’s departure ceremony, Vrindavan

Beautiful words of Srila Gurudeva Atulananda on the departure ceremony of Mataji Gundicha Dasi, Chile, at the banks of the Yamuna in which her ashes were scattered.
4 November, 2014

Departure Ceremony at the Yamuna, 2014 – 30th Braj Mandal Parikram

On the 15th November Srila Guru Maharaja along with Srila Gurudeva Atulananda and all the devotees went to the banks of the Yamuna to realize the departure ceremony. Three special vaishnavis were […]
4 November, 2014

More videos: Sri Vyasapuja of Srila Gurudeva Paramadvaiti, Vrindavan

Watch the videos of some beautiful moments of this great day:
4 November, 2014
Making vows for Sri Kartika month

Arrival day of Srila Guru Maharaja in Vrindavan for Vraj Mandal Parikram

The arrival of Srila Gurudeva is very emotional. The devotees in Vrinda Kunja Ashram, Vrindavan, had a beautiful reception with a candle path to receive Srila Guru Maharaja that arrived […]
4 November, 2014
Yamuna morning walk

30th Braj Mandal Parikram pictures

Dear devotees, Please accept our obeisances and affection   The pictures from this Kartik Parikram are being shared on Vrinda Kunja Ashram‘s and Noticias Vrinda‘s Facebook. Please, give like on Vrinda […]
13 October, 2014

Sri Vyasapuja of Srila B.A. Paramadvaiti Maharaja, Vrindavan

In Sri Vrindavan Dham the Sri Vyasapuja day started early in the morning. On Mangal Artik Srila Gurudeva Atulananda offered his kirtan to Sri Sri Gouranga Radha Vraja Mohan with […]