26 March, 2014
Goura Purnima Vrinda Sweden 2014 07-small

Pictures from the Gaura Purnima celebration in Nimaihuset

The Golden Avatar – Sri Krishna Chaitanya, Gaura, Mahaprabhu, or Nimai – just before the Gaura Purnima celebration starts. The Deities to the left of Nimai: Sri Laddu Gopal and […]
1 March, 2014
paramadvaiti 02

Srila Guru Maharaj’s lecture in English “What is ego?”

Sweden, 2009.    Devotee: Can we get rid of ego or must we be friends of ego?          
28 February, 2014
paramadvaiti swami guru maharaj

Bhajan by Srila Paramadvaiti Swami

Sweden, 2009.   Oh my Lord please let me be an instrument of Your love.      
19 January, 2014
vrinda sweden sankirtan-poster

New sankirtan-poster, Sweden

The new sankirtan-poster to promote the temple lounge and evening programs.       from http://nimaihuset.blogspot.com
1 October, 2013
flea market nimai huset

Flea Market at Gothenburg Mandir, Sweden

Pictures from last week’s flea market “Loppis på Gårda” in the temple backyard, where we served prasadam The portal to Nimaihuset’s backyard in the area Gårda (pronounced just like Gauda, Lord Nimai’s whereabouts). Wonky but beautiful, […]
23 September, 2013

New Ashram of Vrinda Mission in Sweden!

Shantivan is the name of the new center for Krishna’s Consciousness in. It was recently donated to the devotees and is found on the country side of Gotemburg, Sweden. It is […]
9 June, 2013
secret rave 03

Prasadam distribuition on secret rave party, Sweden Yatra

On the last wednesday, 5th of June, the devotees of Nimaihuset Mandir, Sweden Yatra, went for a great mission: to distribuit prasadam at a secret rave party in the middle […]
22 March, 2013

Shiva Ratri – Lord Shiva’s Night at Gothenburg Temple, Sweden

On the 10th of March the devotees of the NimaiHuset temple, in Gothenburg, Sweden, had a celebration to honour Lord Shiva, the foremost Vaishnava, guardian of Vrindavan, and helper of Krishna-devotees. […]
22 March, 2013

New album “AVATAR” of the group Flower Power, Sweden Yatra

We are happy to present to you this album, which is an extraordinary project initiated by Srila B.A. Paramadvaiti, that Manah-Siksa and Mick Arrow have been working on during the […]
17 December, 2012
Nimaihuset vrinda gotenbert sweden yatra

Video presentation of Nimaihuset, Gothenburg Mandir

Watch the video made by Arci Devi Dasi as school project and also as a presentation of the Temple in Gothenburg Sweden, Nimaihuset.     Note of the author: the word “dilapitated” […]
15 December, 2012
Sri Sri Mahaprabhu

News from Nimai Huset, temple of Gothenburg Mandir, Sweden

The temple, Nimaihuset (house of Nimai), is situated in Gothenburg, Sweden. . Sevananda Das Prabhu is living in the temple, and two mathajis live in an ashram nearby and help […]