Conscious Art

3 October, 2015

Krishna for Children responds as group of children living in different parts of the world who believes that God is the goal of life. Love of God and loving everyone is all […]
23 September, 2015
62 Vrinda Philippines Mura Hari Das

Mura Hari Das, Krishna Art in the Philippines

Mura Hari Das is one of the few disciples of Srila Paramadvaiti Swami who lives and preaches in the Philippines. He studied fine arts, major in painting at the University of Sto. […]
16 September, 2015
Ananda Reggae Poco a Poco

New Ananda Reggae Album “Poco a Poco”!

Listen to the new released album of the Colombian reggae band Ananda Reggae called Poco a Poco (Little by little).   Follow on Facebook: Ananda Reggae
1 September, 2015
Nilamani Das Srila Prabhupad, 2012

Artist: Nilamani Das

Nilamani Das is a Peruvian artist and disciple of Srila Paramadvaiti Swami who has created many principal artistic works at a variety of the Vrinda mission temples, and at numerous […]
12 August, 2015

A Graphic Portrait of Srila Paramadvaiti Swami

A graphic portrait of Srila Paramadvaiti Maharaja beautifully made by Rasa Lila Dasi, his disciple from Bulgaria.  
7 July, 2015
Western Connecticut State University Drum Circle

First Chaski Fest Danbury, Connecticut, USA

By Radhe Syam Dasi   On May 9th, 2015 the first Chaski Fest was presented in the United States in Danbury, Chaski Fests guests receiving information on The Rights of […]
4 November, 2014

Faith-education program for children on Children Day, Sao Paulo

On the 12th October, Children Day in Brazil, it was held in Sao Paulo mandir an educational class and workshop special for children using the basis of Faith-education. The topics of the […]
27 April, 2014

Krsna’s lila performanced on Easter Mela, Germany Yatra

Performing, Acting and Singing the Beauty of Krsna and His Lilas Krsna is so sweet and so great that we actually always have the very strong longing within us that […]
15 April, 2014

Srila Guru Maharaj visits his mother

Yesterday early in the morning Srila Guru Maharaj left Berlin mandir with a few devotees for a trip to North Germany in order to make a visit to his mother, […]
23 March, 2014

Six hours of kirtan in Vrinda Northeast Yatra

On March 1st, the dedicated devotees of Vrinda Northeast Yatra organized their first ever Six Hour Kirtan event.  They were accompanied by devotees and friends from all over New York and […]
28 February, 2014
paramadvaiti swami guru maharaj

Bhajan by Srila Paramadvaiti Swami

Sweden, 2009.   Oh my Lord please let me be an instrument of Your love.      
31 January, 2014

Photo-report of Srila Guru Maharaja’s visit to Lima, Peru

Srila Guru Maharaj arrived this past Wednesday, 23rd of January, at night, in which we had a beautiful reception organized by the devotees. During the next days we had classes, […]