13 September, 2016

Eco Yoga Villages: Mayapurita

We are a community formed by people from diverse ages and nationalities with a common goal: leading a holistic lifestyle, respecting the environment, harmonizing with nature and creating a relaxing […]
27 April, 2016
Eco Truly Park videos Vrinda News 02

Vrinda News first video series: Eco Yoga Villages

Vrinda News launches its first video series, and the chosen theme is the Eco Yoga Villages of the Vrinda Family. The videos are beautifully edited by Adi Purusam Das, one […]
23 January, 2016
Kiwa 2015 Declaration of the United Nations of the Spirit

Declaration of the United Nations of Spirit

Constitution of the United Nations of Spirit Earth’s Heart Temple Kiva. Varsana – Granada Colombia – Raíces de la Tierra 2015 ​ Renewal of the Ancestral Word Principles of Life: […]
4 October, 2015
bhaktipedia 02

Bhaktipedia – Vaishnava Library

Bhaktipedia is a collection of Bhakti literature. Bhaktipedia is basically a collection of authentic texts which can be important for those who are deeply committed to the study of Bhakti […]
3 October, 2015

Krishna for Children

Damodar.de responds as group of children living in different parts of the world who believes that God is the goal of life. Love of God and loving everyone is all […]
1 September, 2015
Nilamani Das Srila Prabhupad, 2012

Artist: Nilamani Das

Nilamani Das is a Peruvian artist and disciple of Srila Paramadvaiti Swami who has created many principal artistic works at a variety of the Vrinda mission temples, and at numerous […]
14 August, 2015
war plane painting 02

God exists…

By Sripad Bhakti Raksak Swami Maharaj (from the readings of His Divine Grace, arampujyapad Srila Bhakti Ballabha Tirtha Gosvami Maharaja) Pilot Nixon flew his airplane to locate the defense abilities […]
6 August, 2015
Entry gate - Flood at Jahnavi Kunj, Sridham Mayapur

Emergency: Flood in Mayapur

Dear Devotees, I want to inform you that our temple in Mayapur Dham is flooded. It is an emergency situation for the devotees there. The first floor of Sarasvati Kunja […]
3 August, 2015
Papa Francisco

Open letter to the Pope Francis and the Catholic Church

To His Holiness Pope Francis Vatican City Pope Francis Your Holiness: First, I would like to express my solidarity with the regret over the injustices committed by the church to […]
17 July, 2015
Beautiful sunset at the Yamuna and its banks covered on trash

Help Sri Vrindavan Dham to become a Cultural Heritage

Sri Vrindavan Dham is calling for your help! And this time are the devotees of the Food For Life project who have started a petition to India’s Prime Minister Mr. […]
15 July, 2015

Ecologic and Loving Volunteer Opportunity

By Damodhar Prakash Devi Dasi   Eco Truly Park – A Home for Everyone This beautiful touristic and eco-friendly place, a main project by Srila Paramadvaiti Swami, is visited by hundreds […]
3 December, 2014

Srila Paramadvaiti Maharaja at the World Hindu Congress 2014, Delhi

The World Hindu Congress 2014, was an important conjunction where the concerns of the World Conscious Pact to increase the global awareness of the ancient wisdom became one of the […]