Faith-education program for children on Children Day, Sao Paulo

On the 12th October, Children Day in Brazil, it was held in Sao Paulo mandir an educational class and workshop special for children using the basis of Faith-education.

The topics of the class were ‘where does water come from, and its importance, the river, the sea, the trees and plants, the birds and animals, the water reservoir, tap water, the lack of water and the polluted water.’

The idea is to bring up consciousness for the children on this topics and to make them more in contact with the Mother Nature and the Planet Earth, since they are growing in such a megalopolis as Sao Paulo it is.

Sao Paulo now is going through a big crisis with the water supply. Frequently there is lack of water due to a dry season that was unexpected by the population. The media says that it may be a plan of the government. One thing is for sure, we must all be more conscious of environmental issues and take better care of our planet.