Damodar.de responds as group of children living in different parts of the world who believes that God is the goal of life. Love of God and loving everyone is all we need.

Through this web site of damodara.de these children want to present the stories of Krishna and his servants which are a fountain of teachings of love, fraternity, forgiveness, and sweetness, for all times.

Welcome to damodara.de! Enjoy the histories, games, drawings, movies, etc.

Please share them with all your friends. Love your creator, the Supreme Lord, as well as your brothers and sisters from the entire world (including the animals).


All that is presented in this web site belongs to little Gopal from Vrindaban, they say. And Gopal wants to share all he has with all, especially with the children of planet Earth. He wants to serve you as well as your parents. You can use anything you like from our website.

You are free to use anything you want from our website, they only request you to give the credit to them. Send them an emailand they will explain to you the terms and conditions for using these materials.

If you want to know more about who they are, who is Damodar and what and where is Vrindavan click here. Once more we welcome you!

All glories to the revolution of
The Universal Love!

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