Bv. Mangal Maharaj arrived first at Penha Mandir, where he was for three days with the devotees of Florianopolis who were there since carnival on Sankirtan marathon. A beautibul festival was organized to celebrate the appearance of Srimati Visnupryia Devi, on Febuary 14th, in which many devotees and friends attended.

On the 15th, Maharaj and the devotees went back to Florianopolis Mandir. There, Mangal Maharaj gave his enchanting classes full of new passtimes, fruit of his transcendental visit to Vrindavan; and he also gave a lot instructions to the devotees of the Mandir that are in a phase of changing the temple’s profile. As soon as we receive more news of such changes, we’ll share it here with all of you.

On the Saturday 16th, the devotees went for a Nama Hatha at Nama Krpa Mandir, the home of Goura Hari Das Prabhu and m. Aditi.

See some photos:


DSC_0668The Kirta was pretty exciting, and many devotees were present.





Sri Sri Jagannath Baladeva Subhadra ki, jay! Sri Sri Gour Nitay ki, jay!


On the next day, the Sunday Festival was a very special night with the theme ‘Night of Mantras’.


DSC_0716Mangal Maharaj gave a beautiful chanted class.


DSC_0728And the room was specially decorated for the guests and Sri Sri Gour Nitay.

Jay Gurudeva!

Jay Gurudev!



Jay Tulsi Devi!

Tulsi Maharani was also at the Kirtan!




Sri Sri Goura Nitay ki, jay!

Sri Sri Goura Nitay ki, jay!


The devotees of the South of Brazil Yatra are very thankful for the mercy of hosting Bv. Mangal Maharaj at their houses and temples, and they hope he can come back soon.