Birth Anniversary of Sripad Swami B.V. Ashram Maharaj May 29, held on June 2, 2012

Vrinda Cultural Center Concepción Mandir, Chile Yatra

Today we share with you a photo report by devotees and matajees from Vrinda Cultural Center – Concepción Mandir – Chile Yatra at their blog   This time is about the celebration of Sripad Swami B.V. Asram Maharaja’s birthday.
Maharaja’s birthday was held on Saturday June 2nd, along with the birthday of three other devotees, Arjuna das Prabhu Chillán, Prabhu das Shantipur Temuco and Concepción Prabhu das Atreya.
Many friends were part of this event.
There were also several guest artists.
Mothers and devotees attended from Concepcion.
Mothers from Santiago also attended the party.
And from the South, mother Vishaka d.d. from Villarrica also attended the celebration.
Happy children gathered to celebrate the birthday.
As usual, Prasadam with different preparations could not miss the party.
The birthday party ended with a great Kirtan
Hari bol!
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Sripad Swami B.V. Ashram Maharaj, ki jay !!!
Concepción Mandir, ki jay !!!
Chile Yatra,  ki jay !!!
Gaura Haribol !!!