Photo report of Mela Vyasapuja 2013. Part 4

Srila Guru Maharaja on his first day in Eco Truly Park took a tour around the farm to see the improvements that the devotees and volunteers have done for its maintenance. A temazcal was built on the premises and it is currently operational for all the guests of the Trulys.

After the departure of Mukunda prabhu, the devotees of Peru built a samadhi on his honor for all the service he did for Lord Jaganatha, Srila Guru Maharaja and the devotees. For all of this Guru Maharaja named him Mukunda das Babaji Maharaja.

The seminaries began with the topic of permaculture so that the devotees could have the chance to learn what it is and how it works, specially how to apply it to the farms of the Vrinda Mission. Strategies were also implemented so that the temples of the cities could adapt spaces to cultivate. The end of the day was celebrated with musical presentations of the chaskis present in the festival.