New Years at Brazil Yatra with Bv. Damodar Maharaja and Bv. Brihad Vrati Maharaja

From the 30th of December untill the 2nd of January happend at Guaruja Mandir, Brazil Yatra, the “Transcendental Guaruja 2013 Festival”, with the presence of Bv. Damodar Maharaj and Bv. Brihad Vrati Maharaj.

cartaz festival Guarujá Mandir 2013

We had beautiful days full of sadhu sanga.

On first day we had on the program a Circular Dance guided by mathaji Fatima, at the Pitangueiras beach, which is near by the temple of Lord Jagannath Baladev Subhadra.

01 dança circular

02 dança circular

03 dança circular volta

Everyday we had conferences minitered by Bv. Damodar Maharaj and Bv. Brihad Vrati Maharaj. So as beautiful Kirtans and Artiks, and opulent Prasadam made by mathaji Syama Govinda and her team of transcendental helpers.

04 palestra Bv Damodar Maharaj

05 palestra Bv Damodar Maharaj

06 palestra Bv Damodar Maharaj

07 palestra Bv Brihad Vrati Maharaj

08 palestra Bv Brihad Vrati Maharaj.jpg

09 Syama Govinda DD prasadam

On the 31st there was an amazing Rasa Yatra requested by Damodar Maharaj, which also happend at Pitangueiras beach. The beach was crawded and everybody danced and singed with alot of enthusiasm.

11 Rasa Yatra

12 Rasa Yatra

13 Rasa Yatra

14 Rasa Yatra

15 Rasa Yatra

At night Bv Damodar Maharaja executed the Agni Hotra cerimony and at midnight we had the Candana Lagi cerimony, with Sri Sri Jagannath Baladeva Subhadra, with the puja of Bv. Brihad Vrati Maharaja, in which we pass sandal paste on their front head and then make a wish. This is a very auspicious cerimony and Lor Jagannath, specially on this cerimony, realizes your wish. The altar was specially decorated and Lord Jagannath and Baladev were adorned with golden hands like Sunavesa.

After the cerimony everybody went to the Maha Harinana with Bv. Damoar Maharaja in front and all the devotees singing and dancing.

16 Agni Hotra

16 Agni Hotra Bv Damodar Maharaj

17 Agni Hotra

18 Deidades

19 Candana Lagi

On the 10th at night was the Artistic Presentations of the devotees, many musical presentations, poetry declamation, classical indian dance, and others.

On the next day, the devotees went to São Paulo under alot of rain that came to clean everything that is unecessary and to give more shaktito this year of 2013.

Jardim de Tulsi
Garden of Tulsi

Thank you very much mathaji Syama Govinda DD and m. Bhakta Priya DD, and all the devotees that were present, for providing such inspiring festival that will be marked for ever in our hearts.

Jay Srila Guru Maharaj ki, jay!

Jay Srila Gurudeva Atulananda ki, jay!

Sri Sri Jagannath Baladeva Subhadra ki, jay!

Bhaktivedanta Damodar Maharaj ki, jay!

Bhaktivedanta Brihad Vrati Maharaj ki, jay!

Bhaktivedanta Mangal Maharaj ki, jay!

Sadhu Sanga ki, jay!

Tulasi Devi Maharani, Queen of Vrindavana ki, jay!

Gaura Gaura Premanandi!

Hari bol!