Radhastami in Vrinda Kuñja Ashram

On the 13th September was celebrated Radhastami in Vrindavan. Devotees and Mothers of Vrinda Kunja received all blessings from Their Lordship Gouranga Radha Vraja Mohan and Their Lordship Madan Gopal.
Devotees and Mothers, with much enthusiasm, offered more than 60 preparations to Srimati Radharani, inaugurating the extension of the kitchen of the Vrinda Kunja and the clay oven.
The decoration of the temple was made by M. Sarasvati and the volunteers of the Ecoyoga Village Program. The bhajans and the kirtan was led by Chandra Das Prabhu. The nectary class was given by Bhaktivedanta Paramahamsa Maharaja.
Jay Sri Radhe !!!
Bv. Paramahamsa Maharaj
Lotus Feet of Sri Radha
Radha Krsna
Sri Mahaprabhu 02
Sri Mahaprabhu
Sri Radha
Sri Radhe
Sri Sri Gauranga Radha-Vraja Mohan