Found Sankirtan Treasure from 1979

guru maharaj 11

A great treasure was found in the archives of SEVA by Mother Mohana Vamsi Bihari, one of the leaders of the CBA. This is a letter from 1979 that is more than 30 years old and was written by our beloved Guru Maharaj, where he exposed to us the organization that we have to report monthly at the Sankirtan, the preaching, and the donations that carried out in the Temple. This is very important for Mission Vrinda and the desire of Guru Maharaj from many years ago, which has always stressed to the present.


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To see the larger letters visit the Blog Vamos a Sankirtan! where they were published:



 Jay Guru Maharaj Ki, Jay!!

Jay Gurudeva Patita Pavana Ki, Jay!!

Jay Maratón de Sankirtan 2013 Ki, Jay!!

Goura, Gourapremanandi!!! Haribol!!