There are 4 types of intoxication that come from the materialist confusion that affect consciousness and are very dangerous, they attack us daily without us even noticing:

*The first one is to consider oneself to be worth more than another person. This is a really serious intoxication.

*The second one is to believe that material possessions, riches, and money make us better than the rest.

*The third is to consider that by having mundane knowledge one is better than the rest of the people. This is a great fault in the concept of Universal Love.

*The fourth is to think that physical beauty makes you superior than others.

All of this is an illusion. They true worth, the true knowledge, and the true beauty belong to the soul and are gifts of God; they are not self accomplishments or qualifications. The most beautiful and valuable is uninterested service, love towards others, and preaching to the souls to take them away from confusion. To To speak about God in our lives is a reason for existing.