Birthday of Sripad Bhakti Vedanta Padmanabha Maharaja

Bv. Padmanabha Maharaja, from Argentina, celebrated at Harijan Mandir his birthday with a beautiful festival together with Bv. Giri Maharaj and many devotees.

We reproduce here his nspiring messages of acknowledgement:

“On this shot message I would like to express my acnkowledgment to all devotees, friends and parents that yesterday made me, in one way or another, their appreciated affection to this insignificant person which does not deserves as much as receives, but at the end, the mercy of the Supreme and His devotees is causeless and comes because we find ourselves totally in need of it, so I thank you again, it has been a lovely day surrounded by great souls kept by its examples and enthusiams. My best wishes to all and I hope someday I can serve you the way you deserve… Gaura Hari bol!”