Diwali in Jagannatha Mandir Lima

Diwali’s festival, the party of the lights!, classes, Bv. Tapasvi Maharaj touching classic music of India, the Deities of the devout of the temple which were decorated and illuminated, and a beautiful pastime counted for prabhu Mukunda Vilas.


Laxmi Devi was to a village where they live chandalas (untouchable). It went to Sriya Chandaluni’s house, who had got up very early and cleaned the house informs, decorating her for the adoration of Laxmi devi, whom seeing this was very pleased and blessed Sriya Chandaluni with opulence. Meanwhile, Sri Jagannath and Sri Baladeva had gone out also to a morning trek. In His way of return they saw Laxmi Devi coming back of the house of a chandala. On having seen this, Baladeva became very troublesome and he speak to Jagannath very incisively.

” Your wife Laxmi Devi has been visiting the house of a chandala. They are a people contaminated, and do not follow any rule. How can she enter to the temple after visiting the house of a chandala? Our temple was contaminating, you must leave her “. Since Jagannath is very obedient with his major brother, it followed the order of Sri  Balaram. He call to Laxmi Devi and  him inform that it would not be allowed to enter nevermore the temple on order of Balaram.

Laxmi Devi was very surprised and this made it annoy. It cursed Jagannath that in the next twelve years might not obtain sufficient food to satisfy, and that alone might eat the made thing and served by she. After cursing to Sri Jagannath, Lakshmi devi leave the temple, together with all his assistants. 

The following morning, Jagannath and Baladeva were waiting for the breakfast, but nothing come. It was done increasingly late, but even nothing had been served.  Balaram ask to Jagannath, ” that is happening with our breakfast? For what delay so much? ” Jagannath answer, ” no breakfast should be prepared because Lakshmi Devi left the temple, with all his partners, so there is nobody to cook ” Balaram and Jagannath began to the kitchen to prepare some kind of food for him they themselves. But big it was his surprise on having seen that the partners of Lakshmi had broken all the ovens of the kitchen.

Jagannath and Balaram were very hungry and they did not desist, decided to eat raw food and entered then to the store where they were guarding the ingredients to cook, but they found the whole empty store due to the fact that Lakshmi Devi had withdrawn all his opulence. For this moment both brothers were very hungry. I and suffering hunger, both decided to go out to beg. While, on order of Lakshmi Devi, the god of the Sun it had increased the heat of the Sun. Both brothers had to walk along the very warm sand with many difficulty. They were feeling very thirsty, and they were happy to come to a reservoir they could satisfy His thirst. Suddenly, so soon as the brothers approached the reservoir, the water I dry.

Soon the brothers came to the temple where they had distributed prasada recently. Many persons were returning to his houses with prasada. Jagannath and Balaram approached a woman. Nicely he acceded to give them something of food. It had something of rice in snowflakes that it had offered to the deities, and was happy to share it with the brothers. So soon as I take the rice it to be given to Jagannath and Balaram, Baju the god of the wind I blow for instruction of Lakshmi devi, and the whole rice flew. Finally they asked some persons him where they could obtain something of food. Someone I direct them to a village of chandalas where a very charitable personality was living. Jagannath and Baladeva went to this house and asked for food. The owner of the house was very satisfied to feed them, but Balaram did not want to eat cooked by a chandala. On the other hand it wanted to cook The same one and to eat. Jagannath I try to cook, but it could not light the fire to the fuelwood, which to say of cooking a pottage. Jagannath at the time and Balaram asked the owner to bring some already prepared food.

As they were eating, they agreed that the food was very tasty – of fact, so tasty as was in the temple, when it was cooked by Lakshmi Devi. At the end of the food, an agreeable cake was served. Usually in Jagannath’s temple, at the end of the food Serbian Lakshmi Devi a special cake to both brothers. Jagannath and Baladeva thought that Lakshmi Devi I cook the succulent food. Of that another way someone might know that They were taking a special cake at the end of His food?  Balaram asked Jagannath to go with Lakshmi Devi and it was asking his pardon and to bring it to the temple taking it of the hand. He said to Jagannath who should report to Lakshmi Devi who would never deny her to leave the temple to visit his devout ones, and that it could go to any place that wanted, always and when she was returning to the temple.

When Jagannath having approached, Lakshmi Devi was satisfied. It made promise Jagannath that there would no be distinction between low and chaste high castes to honor Jagannath’s prasada, up to today, the prasada in Jagannath’s temple it is served to all, indistinctly of caste or creed.




                                                                                                                      Bv. Tapasvi Maharaj playing Tablas


                             Altar of  Mitravinda dd                                    Altar of prabhu Mukunda Vilas


Deity of  Lord Jagannatha of prabhu Mukunda Vilas