Srila Guru Maharaja in the 25 year anniversary of Medellin Yatra (Part 2)

Srila Guru Maharaja continued his journey throughout Medellin Yatra visiting preaching centers, and giving conferences concerning the care and protection of Mother Earth through the World Conscious Pact  Ikwashendwna (Guardians of Mother Earth).

They held a conference called “Listening Mother Earth’s wisdom” where topics regarding animal protection, consumerism, and the value of the messages of granparents, teachers and wisemen of humanity that have always promoted love and respect to all. There were also dance, theater, and music presentations that promote the messages of the World Conscious Pact  Ikwashendwna. These presentations were also performed in public spaces such as the San Ignacio Square.

On June 9th, there was a great festival in Sacinanda Eco Village, where the 25 year anniversary of Medellin Yatra was celebrated.