It was released yesterday, December 16, in São Paulo Mandir, the project ‘Small Vraja “, created by  Man Mandir Devi Dasi, with the support of Krishna Bandhu Prabhu Das. The project aims to create small wrists for small conscious devotees . For next year, the idea is to create wooden toys devotional, storybooks and much more.

All donations will be directed to a fund for new clothes and ornaments for the Deities.

Dolls and Radhe Radhe Syam Krishna, for now available, can be used as decoration and as  small Deities, so in that from kids can learn to take care of Krishna with great affection. They can have a bed with blankets and so on for the child to wake up and Acoste Deity. This generates a lot of responsibility and love!

The buttons (Gopala, Syama Sundar, Sri Radhe, Govardhana, Jagannatha, tilaka) can decorate the bag japa, Fixar in sari, kurta decorate and so on. – Let your creativity

You find them in the Centro Cultural São Paulo Vrinda. We also accept orders with Devi Dasi Gourangi, email: