Last Chat Live Projects December 30, 2012

The last chat was the reunion this year, to be doing a retrospective of projects Paramadvaiti Swami Srila Bhakti Aloka, projects that have been made, completed or started during the year 2012.

With a new year ahead, in good energy, nothing better than to be well within the services, so we can savor the nectar of devotional service.

Here is a brief summary of the services of this year, 2012:

1 – Vedic Wisdom Collection.

Bhagavata Prabhu, Mother Sati, Visvakarma Prabhu, M. Atakam Damodara, and more, a large group of devotees and mothers in corrections, editing, design, etc.

2 – Page with mother and Maitily Visakha dd.

3 – Heart to Heart (H2H)

4 – New Vrinda Portal

5 – Bhakti Siddhanta Sarasvati page Takur

6 – Changing the World Book

7 – Book Inbound Yoga System.

8 – Book Father Canciani

9 – General Book Therapy OIDA

10 – Conscious Global Compact

11 – Helping Hands Project

12 – Sounds that heal: with Vidya Tirtha Prabhu and Prabhu Vaisnava

13 – big okis activism, ministries, passport okis marathon production, omis.

14 – MAPIS: the Mapuches okis

15 – Drop of Wisdom Book

16 – Page Inbound Tour

17 – Chaski Fest

18 Records Releases and Tour Cart

19-Portal conscious art

20 – New page conscious art

21 – Agriculture Portal conscious

22 – Feducación. Even this year was recognized by Unesco through the efforts of the mother and mother Sati Vrindavan dd Vilasini.

Stop this year Krsna bless you all in your services, health, enthusiasm, inspiration, determination and very attached to the feet of Gurudeva and his disciples. The problems of the material world serve to unite increasingly in the service and in our hearts.


Srila Guru Maharaj ki Jay JAY

Gurudeva Srila Acharya ki JAY Atulananda

Srila Harijan Swami Maharaj ki jay

Goura Prema Nande

Hari Bol!