Published on Youtube on the 30th August, 2013, the video entitled ‘FREE BOI’, that talks about the  harms of a omnivorous diet, has over 13.000 views.

The author is the chaski Sukadeva Das Prabhu. Disciple of Srila Guru Maharaj, Sukadeva Prabhu, or ‘Mister Ludico’, is an artist, he composes activist songs and got known in the young brazilian media after present a tv show at Mtv Brazil.

The video promotes the Spoon Revolution, and Sukadeva Prabhu comments:

“Every time you feed aiming th enutrition of your body, think about reality without fear of displeasing your mind dulled by habits and untruths inculcated there by years of ignorant and greedy tradition of the “masters of the world” with their advertisements and subliminal manipulation of their poisonous products, realizing that the Spoon Revolution is our only and legitimate weapon against the dominant partterns of material illusion and its serious consequences in the level of global imbalance.

disappoint yourself!”


Sukadeva Das - Festival Ratha Yatra Guarujá

Presentation at the Ratha Yatra Festival 2013, Guaruja Mandir.

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