“Brahminical Centre of Gathering” heading to Venezuela

The “Brahminical Centre of Gathering” tean is now on their way to Venezuela.

Some of the aims of the “BCG” are:

Check the correct handling of Laksmy to the economical growth of the temple, implement independent operating systems for each department, daily check the Mahaprasadam sharing to every customer and visitor, promote the Sankirta bag with: Okis, Vedic Wisdoms, leterature, personal presentation card, Gurudeva’s cd, Bhagavad-Gitas, invitation cards and notebook to record emails, continually remind of the importance of farms and outdoor shrines, ensure quality to the deity attention and sadhana, give service to other devotees. Analyzing the potential of each one. Practicing the principle of INUTY IN DIVERSITY; among many other goals.


To know more about the “BCG” visit the link below: