On the 5th arrived at Florianopolis Mandir Bhaktivedanta Damodar Maharaja and many devotees from Chile and Sao Paulo accompanied him. On the same day we had a program at Lagoa do Peri, a very pleasant place where the children and adults can swim and there are great spots with good shadow in between a lot of trees, good to hear the beautiful words of Bv. Damodar Maharaja.

01 Lagoa do Peri

02 Lagoa do Peri

02 Lagoa do Peri Bv Damodar Mahara

04 Lagoa do Peri

On sunday we did Harinama at Lagoa da Conceição with many devotees, and at the end of the noon, the Indian Festival at the temple, in which we had the presence of Sripad Bhaktivedanta Puri Maharaja. Both Swamis gave a inspiring class at night and after that Bv. Damodar Maharajapre-iniciated 4 bhaktas. We also had artistic presentation of Bharatnatyam, one of the seven classical indian dances.

07 Harinama Lagoa

08 Harinama Lagoa

09 Harinama Lagoa

10 Harinama Lagoa

11 Festival

11 Festival domingo pre-iniciações
Pre-iniciation: Paulo Prabhu

12 Festival Bv Puri maharaj e Bv Damodar Maharaj

12 Festival domingo pre-iniciações
Julio Prabhu
13vFestival domingo pre-iniciações
Mathaji Luana
14 Festival domingo pre-iniciações
Mathaji Laura

15 Bharatnatyam

16 Bharatnatyam

17 Aniversario Radharani
Birthday of m. Radharani

18 templo

19 Sri Sri Gour Nitay
Sri Sri Gaura Nitay

We also visited Nanda Gram, ‘a project to the future’ as said  Damodar Maharaja, a rural zone where the devotees are building a temple.

20 Nanda Gram

22 Nanda Gram

23 Nanda Gram

24 Nanda Gram

25 Nanda Gram

26 Nanda Gram

The visit of Bv. Damodar Maharaja was very important to Florianopolis Mandir, which brought many inspiration and guidance to the devotees there.

Jay Bhaktivedanta Damodar Maharaj ki, jay!

Floripa Mandir ki, jay!

Nanda Gram ki, jay!

Sadhu Sanga ki, jay!

Gaura Premanandi!