All Glories to Sri Guru and Gouranga

From the beautiful city of Bucaramanga, Colombia, we make a report from the never seen before campaign of sow awareness in the metro line, massive transportation of the city, where requested permission to present to over 1200 daily users, the sankirtan materials that was given to us by Srila Guru Maharaj Paramadvaiti Swami.

The activity lasted one week. It was distribuited over 10.000 okis and about 4000 books and magazines.

The participants were a yellow T-shirt with the logo of World Conscious Pact and held a license which allowed recognize everyone as Trainer.

The participants were 18 devotees and 4 Mothers:


1. Jhonathan Zuñiga from Colombia
2. Jhon Jairo baez (P Yugadharma) from Colombia
3. Carlos Ortiz (P Abhay) from Equator
4. Adrian Victor de Dios (P Isavasya) from Argentina
5. Maximiliano Bergolo (P Dharmaksetra) from Argentina
6. Cristofer Ramos (P Madan Mohan) frm Peru
7. Jose Enrique Heredia (P Gopal) from Mexico
8. Guillermo Noyer (P Thakur) from Argentina
9. Felipe Cañas (P Varaha) from Colombia
10. Mauricio Escalante (P Mahananda) from Colombia
11. Dastan Aliev (P Candravan) from Kazakhstan
12. Mohana Vasquez from Colombia
13. Sua Fachini (Adi Purusam dd) from Colombia
14. Katherin Arias (Katyayani DD) from Colombia
15. Andrea Daza (Jaganathesvari DD) from Colombia
16. Humberto Aguilera ( P Atma) from Colombia
17. Nicolas Jurado from Colombia
18. Frank Luna from Colombia
19. Andres Limas from Colombia
20. Juan carlos rivera (P Acintya) from Colombia
21. Francisco Navarrete from Colombia