‘Spoon Revolution On The Road’ is the name of the new blog created by the Spoon Revolution Brazil.


Paraphrasing the idealizer herself, m. Kalyana Kishori Devi Dasi, minister of itinerant operations of the Spoon Revolution Brazil:

“This is a blog for people to follow the Spoon Revolution’s itinerant activeties and so get to see how is possible to make a world revolution!”

Kalyana reports, through her wanderings in Brazil, her moving activism of disseminating the Spoon Revolution in different cities. She also intends to publish recepies and tips to the Embassadors and Ministers of the Revolution, and to the future vegetarians.

The blog is at its begining, and with its two posts, that tells about her last visit to the cities of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, we can anready feel the enthusiasm and inspiration effectively transmitted.


Congratulations for the iniciative and dedication!



Visit, learn and share the blog: http://revolutiontheroad.wordpress.com/

(it is all in Portuguese, so I suggest you to use an online translator to help you reading)