Message from Srila Guru Maharaj: Conscious Costumes for Preaching

Dear devotees,

Receive all my affection from the Kumbha Mella in Allahabad.

I am sending you this message to tell you about a new preaching project that has been established during our stay at the Kumbha Mela. It is a program that has had a lot of impact on people in which all of our temples can participate.

It is about the representation of characters with conscious costumes that we made for the Kumbha Mela. This idea was originated in Rio +20, where we participated in the demonstrations for awareness with actors representing Mother Earth, multinationals and animal exploitation. Now, for the Kumbha Mela, we decided to make more characters with stunning dresses that have been a great success. We have appeared every day in the press and television, and even famous artists and governmental authorities and religious leaders have been photographed with them.

For South America, we have to create a character that best represents the Spoon Revolution, with wings full of small spoons with awareness messages, for example: “Saving Animals from Lab Experiments’”, “Stop Eating Animals Unnecessarily”, “Protect Animals from Cruel Sports”, “Protect Essential Water Sources”, “Vegetarianism is not a personal option, but a tool to save lives”.

Madre Tierra dando a conocer los diferentes tipos de explotación que la agreden.

Mother Earth showing different types of exploitation that ruin her.

The style of these costumes is very striking, because the dress itself is very colorful and with the embodied messages, people cannot stop looking at them. So, for South America we want to make the following characters:

• The Materialist: that represents the exploitation and lack of awareness of the multinationals.
• Mother Earth: full of messages about abuse and neglect for nature.
• The Mountain: full of garbage and destroyed by mining.
• The Tree: that warns us about the devastated forests.
• The Sacred River: that has been contaminated by industries and by unconscious waste management.
• The Cow: as a representative of the animal kingdom exploited by human greed.
• The Spoon Revolution: that promotes a positive message for animal protection and vegetarianism.
• The World Conscious Pact: as the solution to all the above problems.

The suits for the Materialist, Mother Earth, and The Spoon Revolution and the World Conscious Pact, have large fabric wings, where the corresponding messages are displayed. As soon as they unfold the “wings” they immediately draw attention, giving the impression of a human being that expands sideways and looks like a butterfly. The dress for the Sacred River also impacts a lot because it is a young woman dressed with a very beautiful brightly colored sari, with a crown and attractive decorations, while the veil of her sari is filled with plastic trash. There are certain changes and improvements that can be made to the costumes, for example, the World Conscious Pact and the Mother Earth, it is better to make them with sturdy cardboard circles and not with wire and bamboo like we made them in India.

El incansable Pacto Mundial Consciente.

The World Conscious Pact brings the solution to several problems.

Our main goal for these costumes was to visit the Kumbha Mela sadhus and bring them an environmental message, but during  those days we organized a play with all the characters that was very well received, so much so, that we had a presentation at an acarya Mela meeting and at a university in Varanasi. My wish is for these characters to be reproduced in South America and also to organize a play with them, where very well chosen music is used and choreographies are organized, because it is an excellent presentation at Eco Yoga Festivals, Spoon Revolution Fairs, water protection events, etc. I want the art and theater groups from the temples to create different scripts for this play and to promote them to expand preaching. Temples like Govinda’s in Medellin, the artistic group of the Costa, Cali, Bucaramanga, Cucuta, Lima, Quito, Santiago, La Serna, Antofagasta and Sao Paulo, should start as soon as possible to work on these costumes and scripts for the play. In this way we can participate actively and artistically in the events that promote awareness and respect for nature and all beings, as part of the message of the World Conscious Pact in a very positive, colorful way, without aggressiveness. Something nice that also gives life to the program of granting passports to the world citizens.

Su Divina Gracia Srila B.A. Paramadvaiti Swami difundiendo el mensaje del "Kumbha Mela ecológico"

His Divine Grace Srila B.A. Paramadvaiti Swami spreading the message of the “Ecological Kumbha Mela”

I want everybody to prepare this without any excuse; it is something very important that needs to be working everywhere. Report the progress of this project in Vrindanews with pictures and videos of your presentations. I also want you to start preparing scripts for the presentation of the play “The Trial of Humanity” in this sweet and colorful way, because that message also goes well with the approach of the World Conscious Pact.


With all my affection,


Swami B.A. Paramadvaiti


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