Vraj Mandal Parikram com Bv. Mangal Maharaj

In Parikram with Srila Guru Maharaj, Bhaktivedanta Mangal Maharaj visited a few temples in Vrindavan. The first one was the Gopeshvar Mahadev Temple, where we ask for blessings to be there, in the Holy Land. In the ceremony everyone bathed Gopeshvar Mahadev and did a pooja. Mangal Maharaja prayed to Gopeshvar to give him the vision to understand what really is to be in Vrindavan.

The other two temple they viseted were the Bamsi Bhata Temple and the Gopinath Temple.


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Jay Srila Guru Maharaj ki, jay!

Jay Gurudeva Atulananda ki, jay!

Vrindavan Dham ki, jay!

Vraj Mandal Parikram ki, jay!

Sadhusanga ki, jay!

Goura Premanandi!