Vrinda Northeast devotees march with 400,000 People, New York, USA

On September 21st, the Vrinda Northeast devotees represented World Conscious Pact at the, People’s Climate March, the largest protest for Environmental Justice the world has ever seen. The march was organized by the Organic Consumers Association, and hosted Her Grace Vandana Shiva.

In the heart of New York city, along with 400,000 people in favor of environmental protection, the Vrinda Northeast devotees shared their knowledge of vegetarianism, organic eating, preservation of the rights of Indigenous Peoples, and the contamination of our sacred rivers,

The devotees created banners, signs, and songs to promote the central message of World Conscious Pact, and they distributed flyers with information about what World Conscious Pact does around the world. Various devotees were interviewed by CNN and other local news channels, giving them the opportunity to share World Conscious Pact and Guru Maharaj’s message with millions of people.

One of the most powerful elements of the devotees’ participation was Svarupa Shakti Devi Dasi Mataji from Vrinda Northeast, dressed as a river, which the devotees had covered in trash and signs naming the most contaminated rivers in the world.

Overall, the devotees’ participation in the march was extremely successful and an excellent opportunity to share World Conscious Pact’s message with over 400,000 people from around the United States and entire world, through interviews with CNN and other networks. With the support the devotees gained for World Conscious Pact’s mission, they can continue to inform others and share the message of protection for mother earth.