Yakissoba Veg at Guaruja Mandir, Brazil

This sunday, 2nd of august, happend the event  ‘Yakissoba Veg’ at the Siddhaswarupananda Ashrama, the Guarujá Mandir.


It was a Luch specially prepared by the devotees and friends of Vrinda Guarujá, Brasil, published by the blog  Vrinda Guarujá inviting everybody to take the mercy in the shape of prasadam, and to share a beautiful sunny day with the devotees of Krishna.

Once per month the devotees from Guarujá Mandir produze this Vegetarian Lunch open to the public. Yakissoba or Feijoada (the famous brazilia dish), it is a beautiful way of making new friends and colecting disseminating vegetarianism and Krishna’s Conscience.



Check out the event’s report:


What was this festival? Today’s lunch showed whim in every detail.
From the decoration to the indian dances, from the salad to the dessert.
The happiness of those who where there was notorious!
There is no way you visit the Vrinda Place and not taste one of the wonderful dishes of
mother Syama, our cooker thief of hearts! 🙂
We are very thankful for our friends Andrea, Mirela and Moriele, who donate a sunny sunday
to be volunteer on this beautiful festival!
Our most respectful obeisances!


Moriele attending the friends 
What a pleasant day! 


“Sacred Garden of Tulasi Devi” 


Kalindi Prya presented a Bharatanatyam dance 


Mother Syama Govinda, armed to the teeth!
She does not plays on service.
Our little store of indian articles with new books, saris and blouses!


What ever happens, chant the Maha-Mantra! 😀
My obeisances!
Rupa Vilasa Das

The report was written by Rupa Vilasa Das prabhu.