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20 July, 2014

Online Bhagavad Gita classes by Sripad Bhaktivedanta Bhagavat Maharaj, Venezuela Yatra

Sripad Bhaktivedanta Bhagavat Maharaj gives online courses about the Bhagavad Gita called “Cause of reason of existence”. The fundamental purpose of the class is to provide clear concepts about existence, […]
13 April, 2014
Paramadvaiti Swami Hari Katha 170x170-75

Srila Guru Maharaj’s English lecture: Beyond rules and regulations, The bhagavata vidhi

The bhagavata vidhi (way of approaching Krishna) is something totally outside of the common. The bhagavata vidhi is the realization portion, it is the internal development. A bhagavata is the […]