27 February, 2014
vicuña carvanal chile vrinda

Rasa Yatra in Vicuña, Chile

For the 9th consecutive year the Vrinda Family was present at the Carnival festival in the city of Vicuña, located at the Elqui Valley, IV region. This year all devotees […]
23 January, 2014
Carnaval Barrio Yungai Santiago 2014 23

Carnival Festival of the neighborhood of Yungay with Srila Gurudeva Atulananda, Chile

Sunday, January 19, 2014. Images from the Maha Harinama by Bv. Damodar Swami along with Srila Gurudeva Atulananda and Bv. Tirtha Maharaj, in the Carnival festival of the Yungai neighborhood, in […]
20 January, 2014
Carnaval del roto chileno 2014 enero 01

Carnival Roto Chileno, Santiago

Sunday, January 19th, 2014 Over 40 groups gathered in Yungay, cultural neighborhood within the city of Santiago, where B.V Damodar Maharaj, B.V Tirtha Maharaj, and the devotees took part of […]