chaski fest @en

7 July, 2015
Western Connecticut State University Drum Circle

First Chaski Fest Danbury, Connecticut, USA

By Radhe Syam Dasi   On May 9th, 2015 the first Chaski Fest was presented in the United States in Danbury, Chaski Fests guests receiving information on The Rights of […]
28 January, 2014
Chaski Fest antofagasta enero 2014

Video of the last Chasky Fest, into Antofogasta, Chile

  A diverse range of cultural currents were present on January 25th, at Nicolas Tirao Park to share, communicate, and celebrate the spirit of togetherness which exists in the Antofogasta community. During […]
28 January, 2014
Chaski Fest Valle del Equi 2014 febrero

Chaski Fest at Valle del Equi, Chile

Sunday, 2nd of February, 2014
16 January, 2014
Chaski Fest Viña enero

Chaski Fest at Viña de Mar, Chile

Event on Facebook:
15 January, 2014
Chaski Fest Antofagasta enero 2014

Chaski Fest at Antofagasta, Chile