6 November, 2014

Srila Paramadvaiti Maharaja performing Yamuna Artik, Vrindavan

Every morning during kartik time in Vrindavan Srila Guru Maharaja head his morning walk towards the Yamuna with the group of devotees. There Srila Gurudeva performs an Artik to Sri […]
29 April, 2014
helping hand vrindavan yamuna

Brigates of Yamuna cleaning, Vrindavan, India

Hare Krisna dear friends, mataji’s and devotees take our reverences at your feet. Each Friday morning, our team of volunteers are used to do cleaning gatherings on the coasts of […]
3 February, 2014
limpeza riksa vrinda mayapur 2014 06

Cleaning Project in Mayapur Dham

The beautiful cleaning and conscientization campaign in the Dham is continuing to advance. Thanks to all the help of volunteers and donations from everyone interested in serving the Dham, despite the distance, […]
23 January, 2014
Sea Exp

Devotees cleaning Vrindavan on the newspapers of India

The activities performed by the devotees of the Vrinda Kunja Ashram, in collaboration with groups like The Sandipani Mundi School, are being documented in numerous Indian Newspapers. Projects like the cleaning of […]