Colombia Yatra

22 September, 2014

Festival at Premma Dham Mandir, Medellin, Colombia, Yatra

A beautiful festival is celebrated every Wednesday at Premma Dham Mandir, with Darshan of their Lordships Sri Sri Goura Nitay, Sri Jagannath Balarama, and Subhadra, and Sri Govardhan. The festival […]
5 August, 2014
Everyone making a personal offering to Lord Ganesh

Goura Nitai and the Hindu Indian Community Celebrate Sri Ganesh, Colombia Yatra

On Saturday September 30th, Gournitay Madir was invited to the Sri Ganesh Caturthi celebration by Vinod Goyal Prabhu from Bogota Hindu Community. The celebration consisted of Bhajan, Prasadam, a theater […]
5 August, 2014
Srila Guru Maharaj and the devotees with the Indian Ambassador and his staff

Srila Pramadvaiti Maharaj with the Indian Ambassador in Varsana, Colombia Yatra

On the day of Janmastami, Varsana recieved a very special visitor, the Indian ambassador and his staff. They were given a tour of Varsana by Srila Guru Maharaj. The places […]
5 August, 2014
Oferecendo suas sábias palavras neste dia tão especial de Sri Janmashtami.

Sri Krishna Janmastami in Varsana, Colombia

On August 16th, the Sri Krishna Janmastami Festival was held at Varsana Eco Yoga Village in the company of our beloved Srila Guru Maharaj. From Mangal Arati until evening, all […]
5 August, 2014
Srila Guru Maharaj esparciendo su miseridordia

Ratha Yatra with Srila Guru Maharaj in Bogota, Colombia Yatra

On August 15th mercy was spread throughout the streets of Bogota. A beautiful Ratha Yatra festival was organized in the company of our beloved Guru Maharaj and his devotees. He […]
29 June, 2014

CBA Bulletin

All glories to Sri Guru and Gouranga Radha Vrajesvara! Back to Colombia, or CBA informs us of news and publications by Srila Guru Maharaj and his associates during the most […]
28 June, 2014

Spiritual Tour Colombia-Venezuela with Srila Guru Maharaj

Written by Tripurari Das On the beginning of the month,  started the Spiritual Tour Colombo Venezuelana with Srila Guru Maharaj. He passed through many different programs, which are growing on […]
9 May, 2014

Slide Show Medellin mandir

A photo selection of  the devotee`s beautiful moments on Medellín Mandir:   MEDELLIN MANDIR by Slidely Slideshow      
21 January, 2014

Last day of Srila Paramadvaiti Maharaj in Colombia Yatra

On Sunday, January 19th 2014, Srila Guru Maharaj spent hist last day in Bogota, Colombia, with many devotees from Bogota Yatra. These were his last moments in Colombia, after having toured all […]
20 January, 2014
Maraton sankirtan 2013

Sankirtan Marathon Award, 2013

Guru Maharaj awards the prize for the National Sankirtan Marathon 2013 to Prabhu Yugadharma Das in the city of Pasto, Colombia.  
16 January, 2014

Programming of the last days of Srila Gurumaharaj in Colombia

15 January, 2014

Srila Guru Maharaj in Colombia Yatra

From December 1 Srila Gurumaharaj is touring Colombia , where he has visited the main temples in the country , Coast was one of the places where travel Gurudeva , […]