conscious activism

29 April, 2014
helping hand vrindavan yamuna

Brigates of Yamuna cleaning, Vrindavan, India

Hare Krisna dear friends, mataji’s and devotees take our reverences at your feet. Each Friday morning, our team of volunteers are used to do cleaning gatherings on the coasts of […]
16 January, 2014
Comando itinerante viña del mar 2014 enero

Traveling Command of Spoon Revolution, Chile

We invite you to join the program and interventions of the Traveling Command. Departure from Santiago, Chile.   Facebook: Facebook Page:      
6 September, 2013
FREE BOI Mister Ludico Vrinda Brasil

Activism on Youtube, Brazil Yatra

Published on Youtube on the 30th August, 2013, the video entitled ‘FREE BOI’, that talks about the  harms of a omnivorous diet, has over 13.000 views. The author is the […]
4 October, 2012
Srila Gurudeva

Invitation to participate in the event: 8000 drums for Mother Earth

Dear friends, Through this letter I would like to personally invite you to participate in this world manifestation for the Rights of Mother Earth hosted by the World Conscious Pact, […]