conscious art

1 September, 2015
Nilamani Das Srila Prabhupad, 2012

Artist: Nilamani Das

Nilamani Das is a Peruvian artist and disciple of Srila Paramadvaiti Swami who has created many principal artistic works at a variety of the Vrinda mission temples, and at numerous […]
28 January, 2014
Chaski Fest Valle del Equi 2014 febrero

Chaski Fest at Valle del Equi, Chile

Sunday, 2nd of February, 2014
16 January, 2014
Comando itinerante viña del mar 2014 enero

Traveling Command of Spoon Revolution, Chile

We invite you to join the program and interventions of the Traveling Command. Departure from Santiago, Chile.   Facebook: Facebook Page:      
15 January, 2014
Chaski Fest Antofagasta enero 2014

Chaski Fest at Antofagasta, Chile

4 February, 2013
swami bap

Poems by Srila B.A. Paramadvaiti Swami, Kumbha Mela 2013

Who is god? And what is dharma? What is pap? And what is karma? The future is in our hands Here in the Kumbha Mela And in all the faraway […]
20 August, 2012

Varsana Dham at the newspaper “El Tiempo”, from Colombia

In Granada (Cundinamarca) is situated a spiritual center, built by the famous Hindu group.   The main Vaisnava sanctuary – common known as Hare Krishna – are seven hectares that could […]