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15 February, 2014

Srila Gurudeva Atulananda Acarya’s Vyasapuja

Dear devotees and friends, We have the honor of inviting you to the Vyasapuja of Srila Gurudeva Atulananda Acarya on the 14,15, and 16 of March. This will be a […]
4 February, 2014
Eco Yoga Festival Cali 2014

Eco Yoga Festival in Cali, Colombia

17 January, 2014

Srila Harijan Maharaj Celebration in Goura Nitai with Guru Maharaj, Colombia

On January is celebrated every year the disappearance of our beloved Master Srila Harijan Maharaj who 24 years ago left this world. It was an inspiration to many, and it […]
15 January, 2014
Chaski Fest Antofagasta enero 2014

Chaski Fest at Antofagasta, Chile