germany yatra

20 July, 2014
Offering to Sri Sri Gouranga Radha Gandharvika Govinda Sundaram

Arrival of Srila Guru Maharaj at Berlin Mandir

During his tour of the Europe temples, Srila Guru Maharaj arrived to Berlin, Germany on July 13th. Below, see some photos of his arrival and the Sunday feast.
12 July, 2014
La dulzura del Hari-katha de Maharaj Swami

Sripad B.R. Swami in Berlin Mandir

Berlin Mandir still has the great fortune to have B.R. Swami Maharaja with them. Maharaja gives every morning and evening inspiring lectures, moreover he looks for the devotees, and is […]
11 July, 2014
Aula de Sripad Krsnananda Acharya em Berlin Mandir.

Sripad Krsnananda Acharya visits Berlin Mandir, Germany

Berlin Mandir was again blessed with a month full of Krsna’s sweetest pastimes. On June 15th they had a guest of honor in the Radha-Govinda Temple: Krsnananda Acharya from Hungary. […]
11 July, 2014
The Vegetarian in Berlin stand

Prasad distribution at Summer street markets of Berlin, Germany Yatra

Summer months are the months for Prasadam distribution deluxe for the devotees of the German capital. In Berlin there are many festivals at the streets on which the devotees have stands selling ThaiCurry, […]
29 June, 2014

Sunday Feast with Indian Community representatives at Berlin Mandir, Germany

In the beginning of June we had a very special visit at our Sunday Festival which was lovely coated with the Indian Taste: our friends from the Indian Community in […]
26 April, 2014
Bhakti Vicar Vishnu Maharaj Berlin Vrinda mandir

Bhakti Vicar Bishnu Maharaj visits Berlin Mandir

Bhakti Vicar Vishnu Maharaj enriches us day by day   Transcendental flavours we get day by day by Bhakti Vicar Vishnu Maharaj. He stays in the Radha-Krsna Temple Berlin until […]
15 April, 2014

Srila Guru Maharaj visits his mother

Yesterday early in the morning Srila Guru Maharaj left Berlin mandir with a few devotees for a trip to North Germany in order to make a visit to his mother, […]
13 April, 2014
paramadvaiti swami berlin yatra april 2014

Another day with Srila Gurudeva in Berlin: Initiation, Bhajans and Krsna’s lila to children

Awakening in the morning and thinking: Jay, another day with Srila Gurudeva in Berlin! What is better than any alarm clock in the whole world? – Knowing that Srila Guru […]
11 April, 2014

Srila Guru Maharaj arrives in Berlin

On Friday, April 11th, he arrived at the airport and was welcomed by many devotees from Berlin, Sweden, Switzerland and South America. Unbelievable that he is here but real. Srila […]
17 March, 2014

Gaura Purnima – the Golden full moon above Berlin

Gaura Purnima – it the is the festival of the “Golden full moon”. Golden is the skin color of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu who came as an incarnation of Sri Krsna […]
1 January, 2014
Volle Packung Umzug II. Staffel, Folge 4

Film documentary about the Berlin Mandir

“A lot of positive energy giving: a Hindu temple including a catering company is moving from Berlin city center to the city´s outlaying district.” – is the headline of a […]