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7 July, 2015
Sarva Kanti Dasi

The Family Vrinda mourns the departure of Srimati Sarva Kanti Dasi

The Family Vrinda mourns the departure of Srimati Sarva Kanti Dasi, the beautiful life partner of our Gurudeva Atulananda and mother of Srinivas Pandit, Gour Mohan and Harijan. Srimati Sarva Kanti […]
23 September, 2014
Srila Guru Maharaj with Tapasvi Maharaj

Srila Guru Maharaj and Gurudeva Atulananda’s arrival to Lima

Here are a few photos of our reception of our beloved Gurus during their arrival to Lima, Peru, to share their nectar with everyone who attended the Mela.    
23 January, 2014
Carnaval Barrio Yungai Santiago 2014 23

Carnival Festival of the neighborhood of Yungay with Srila Gurudeva Atulananda, Chile

Sunday, January 19, 2014. Images from the Maha Harinama by Bv. Damodar Swami along with Srila Gurudeva Atulananda and Bv. Tirtha Maharaj, in the Carnival festival of the Yungai neighborhood, in […]
16 January, 2014
Poema Autobiografia

Srila Atulanda Acharya: Autobiography Poem

Publish on 01/04/2013 Fragment Recital of poems Gurudeva gave Atulananda in Bogota, where several of his most recited beautiful poems, including Autobiography an offering to Srila Prabhupada. Ships Soon the […]
14 January, 2014
GM y GA enero 2014

Itinerary of our Gurudevas in Bolivia

Itinerary of the visit of our spiritual masters Srila Guru Maharaj and Srila Gurudeva Atulananda.
12 January, 2014
Gurudeva Valpo 09

Srila Atulananda Acarya in Valparaiso, Chile

Kirtan and class with Srila Gurudeva Atulananda in Saturday morning, December 11, 2014, in Valparaíso, Chile Yatra.  
10 January, 2014
Gurudeva Atulananda enero

Srila Atulananda Acarya visits Valparaiso and Viña del Mar, Chile

Conferences of Srila Gurudeva Atulananda in January, 2014, at Viña del Mar and Valparaiso, Chile Yatra.
2 January, 2014
guru maharaj gurudeva atulananda bolivia yatra 2014

Srila Guru Maharaj and Gurudeva Atulananda visit Boliva Yatra

21 December, 2013

Srila Gurudeva Atulananda’s visit to South Chile

Our dear spiritual master Srila Atulananda Acarya visits Concepcion, South Chile. From Wednesday 27th December until Sunday 29th, Gurudeva will gift us with his darshan. On Saturday and Sunday we’ll […]
26 April, 2013

First visit of Srila Gurudeva Atulananda to Belem Mandir, Brazil

On April 17, Srila Gurudeva Atulananda made his first visit to Belém do Pará, north of Brazil. All devotees enthusiastically received Srila Gurudeva and provided a beautiful festival, in which several initiations of new brothers of Vrinda family […]
6 October, 2012
reunião seva lima 02

Pre-Maha Mela, Lima, Peru: Friday, 5th October

See the pictures of some moments of 5th September, in Lima, Peru. Guru Maharaj arriving at his main office in Lima Gurudeva Atulananda arrived just after. Our Gurudeva analized the […]